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Commercial property definition
Commercial property means a property used for the sale of goods or services and for the purposes of this By-law shall include office buildings, private nursing homes, hotels, motels, licensed premises and private clubs, and any building that is used in conjunction with these uses, but does not include any mixed-use commercial property that contains dwelling units.
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Building Classification Types: Office Grades Explained
Office space classifications were created to help estate agents, surveyors, investors, and everyone else in the property industry categorise building quality in order to justify property prices. However, there is no formal international standard for classifying office buildings.
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Commercial Building Definition: Everything You Need …

Commercial Building Definition: Everything You Need to Know A commercial building definition is one in which at least 50 percent of its floor space is used for commercial activities, such as retail, the providing of services, or food service (restaurants and the like).
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Medical Office Building definition
Joseph Mercy Hospital Health System shall be amended to include the Huron Ophthalmology Medical Office Building Area Plan Amendment dated 12-26-07.The Plan of Record for this petition shall be “Site Plans Issued for Local Approvals of Proposed Medical Office Building at 425 Washington Street Woburn, Massachusetts; Prepared for Kimco Realty Corporation 3333 New Hyde Park Road, Suite …

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Office property insurance policy does not cover normal wear and tear due to deterioration, intentional damage to the property, damage to the property due to war, illegal activity or pollution. Also, the common exclusions in office fire insurance policy also includes damages due to radioactive contamination and pollution or contamination losses.
What does USPFO(P&C) mean? - Definition of USPFO(P&C) - USPFO(P&C) stands for United States Property and Fiscal Office (Purchasing and Contracting ...
Hong Kong Office leasing
I would not hesitate to recommend JLL for office leasing services in Hong Kong” Caroline Court, Head of Real Estate, East Asia and Oceana, Ericsson “The merger of two business’ was complex, however thank you for coordinating our surrender concurrently with successfully securing a lease renewal for us at a below market-rental, despite the tight market conditions.”
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Copyright: What Is It?

 · The definition of copyright is in the word itself: It is the right to copy. It describes the legal rights of the owner of intellectual property. A person who owns the copyright to work, such as song lyrics or an original drawing, is the only person who can copy that work or …
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Definition of Demised Premises in a Lease Contract
 · From the demised definition, we get the expression “demised premises,” which simply means the property the tenant is renting under a lease. The description itself could be simple or relatively complicated depending on the type of property.
How Much Does It Cost to “White Box” Commercial Space? (With Definition & Benefits)
Intellectual Property
Definition of Intellectual Property noun. Property resulting from original creative thought, such as art, literature, and music. noun. An intangible asset, such as a copyright, trademark, or patent. Origin 1840 Americanism What is Intellectual Property The legal
Clerestory windows: all that you need to know about them
Property You need to consider your tax obligations, including income tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and goods and services tax (GST) when dealing in property or land, including: buying selling renting out investing renovating for a profit, such as property flipping
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Intellectual Property
Intellectual property definition is – property (such as an idea, invention, or process) that derives from the work of the mind or intellect; also : an application, right, or registration relating to this. How to use intellectual property in a sentence.
Value Engineering: Definition & How to Save Money On Office Build-Outs
What is intellectual property (IP)?
intellectual property (IP): This definition explains what intellectual property is and lists examples. We also discuss insider threats to the security of an organization’s intellectual property and best practices to …